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CASH + CHECKS: We confirm donations and provide a signed receipt to the donor that will correspond to the deposit. Unless made after banking hours, all donations are deposited on the same day.

20_Credit Card.png

CREDIT CARDS: Our donors can donate using a credit card by clicking on  the “Donate Now” button in the header.

SECURITIES: Securities can be transferred in-kind to one of our brokerage accounts, allowing our donors to take advantage of significant tax-saving strategies.

20_Life Insurance.png

LIFE INSURANCE: Donors can build an endowment by making the Community Foundation the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Also, premium payments will be tax deductible!

20_Charitable Remainder Trust.png

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS: Donors can get a tax deduction while receiving a reliable stream of income during their lifetime, then support their favorite charities upon their passing.

20_Real Estate.png

REAL ESTATE: The Community Foundation can accept marketable real estate as a donation to help donors to reach their charitable goals.

20_Personal Property.png

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Looking to support an auction at a fundraiser? The Community Foundation will acknowledge donations of personal property that can be sold to support local charitable efforts.


IRA ROLLOVER: Required Minimum Distributions can be rolled over directly to the Foundation, allowing the donor to pay zero income taxes on the distribution.


CROPS: The Community Foundation has partnerships in Lawrence, Mercer, and Trumbull Counties that allow local farmers to contribute to a fund by donating a portion of their crop deliveries.

20_Retirement Plan Assets.png

RETIREMENT PLAN ASSETS: Donors take advantage of tax-saving strategies for estate planning by supporting charities with their retirement accounts while providing for their families with more favorable tools.

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