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The Community Foundation works with each of our donors to choose a fund type that ensures that they can meet all of their short and long-term charitable goals.

Donor -Advised Funds

These “charitable checking accounts” give donors the reassurance that they will have the money set aside when needs arise in the community. Most donors find it useful to take an immediate tax deduction for the full amount of the donation and then provide grants to local organizations on an as-needed basis. If you wish, we can work with you to identify opportunities that will help to ensure a greater impact!

Designated Funds

These funds help donors support named charities in perpetuity.

Each charitable organization will receive an annual distribution in the fund’s name, which most often is in the name of a loved one or family.

Field of Interest Funds

Looking to help support people battling a specific health ailment? Interested in battling hunger? Want to make a better life for our four-legged friends?

Field of Interest Funds are a powerful tool that allow donors to address specific aspects of community life without designating specific recipient organizations.

Scholarship Funds

Investing in our region’s next generation of leaders is of great importance. The Community Foundation partners with local high schools in order to give students that are continuing their education a chance to apply for some financial help as they embark on their next chapter.

Supporting Organization

Operating as a distinct charitable entity while under the umbrella of the Community Foundation, a Supporting Organization is a simpler and more cost effective alternative to a private foundation. The Community Foundation manages the administrative aspects of the assets while providing tax benefits and relieving the management burdens.

Unrestricted Funds

Nobody has a crystal ball that allows for the prediction of the future. Unrestricted dollars allow the Community Foundation to address the problems that our region is experiencing. These dollars are vital to allowing the Community Foundation to address the changing needs of the communities that we serve.

Agency Funds

Local organizations can invest their dollars along side the Community Foundation’s assets.

These assets remain the property of the agency and under that organization’s control however, by pooling resources those funds can receive the highest level of service with the lowest fees.

Charitable Remainder

Charitable Remainder Trusts can accomplish many different goals.

Major Benefits

  • No capital gains tax is paid on securities that are transferred directly into the trust.

  • A reliable monthly income is provided.

  • Donors receive an immediate tax deduction.

  • A terrific way to establish a foundation that will one day provide support to the community in perpetuity.

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