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The arts and humanities are a vital part of the human experience. They can create connections between strangers, provide interaction with neighbors, and give us opportunities to experience joy with close friends. Nothing can replace the restorative properties of seeing a live performance or being able to practice religion in a house of worship.. 

In addition, a vibrant arts community can lead to the renaissance of a downtown. Churches provide more than a spiritual foundation to parishioners – often they have social programs to help the entire community.  An orchestra or a theatre program allows participants to live well rounded, healthy lives.


Donors with the Community Foundation have long taken great pride in supporting these efforts that are quintessential to the human experience.



"One of the girls that has been attending Night to Shine was very shy and was really not comfortable being around people at all. When she heard we were hosting Night to Shine, she got a twinkle in her eye and decided to go. She began dress shopping and talking about hair dos. She attended the first Prom and with some coaxing even enjoyed a dance or two. She became a different person.... a little less shy, concerned about how she looked, more comfortable around people. Sometime after the second Night to Shine she joined a cross fit program and has lost over 50 pounds. She has a platform now where she travels around doing cross fit competitions representing the special needs community with a message that everyone is special and don 't let anyone put limits on what you can do. I am very proud to say that this all started with Night to Shine. It changed her life and I know it has changed many more."

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