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Raising a family can be a difficult task willed with uncertainty and struggle, leading parents to worry if they’re doing enough for their children. However, children are resilient, and Community Foundation donors have provided direct support to children’s programs that contribute to not only their future success but that of their families as well.

The Community Foundation is proud to put different opportunities for impact in front of our donors that will help to ensure children and their families feel the loving encouragement of their community.

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“I have noticed a huge growth in my child both academically and developmentally since bringing him to daycare. When I first brought my son, he spoke less than 10 words and within three months, he was speaking in full sentences. Dropping my children off at daycare has not always been an easy task, but with having loving caring staff who are willing to take the time to get to know my children and exercise their strengths has been vital. As a single, full time working mother, I am grateful to have the reassurance to know my children are treated so well.”

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