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Helping disadvantaged and/or disabled veterans when they need assistance; providing a new vehicle to volunteers so they may deliver hot meals to seniors; supporting local United Way, Red Cross, and Salvation Army initiatives; a crisis shelter to help victims of domestic violence; these are only a few of the health and family services programs that our donors have chosen to support.

Local organizations specialize in providing the support that members of our community desperately need. As the boots on the ground, they experience first hand the needs of the people. Through financial support, Community Foundation donors are able to enable these organizations to respond quickly to our fellow community members in their hour of need, directly impacting their neighbors.

Leg Injury



"A woman in her 50s was referred by her doctor to contact a local organization after she recently had ankle surgery and was completely non-weight bearing for six weeks. She was on crutches that were causing her blisters under her arms. She was in tears when she came to us not only because of the physical pain but the emotional pain due to the difficulty of mobility. We were able to lend her a knee scooter which got her back to work and also relieved her of the unnecessary pain from the crutches without adding a financial burden. (Insurance does not cover knee scooters, and it can cost $120 per month to rent). She said that not too many things were making her smile recently, but after receiving the knee walker, she felt herself smile which meant more than she could express."

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