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Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Empowerment Fund

The Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Empowerment Fund provides direct educational assistance to individuals diagnosed with epilepsy including scholarships to universities, colleges, technical training and certification programs, and financial assistance for students enabling them to attend and complete the educational program.

Mr. Shor was the CEO and President of Duro-Bag. Thanks to an innovative outlook on the industry, Duro-Bag provided materials to major retailers and grew to be the largest paper bag company in the world. Mr. Shor built his business while battling epilepsy and is now a dedicated philanthropist, providing funding to support charitable efforts surrounding epilepsy and other non-medial fields.

If you are interested in applying for support from the Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Empowerment Fund, the next application cycle will open at the beginning of 2025. 

Contact Deb Groover at should you have any questions in the meantime.

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